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Fade Into You 2021

In this series my desire is to reclaim the wholeness we are born with in Nature,

a symbiosis forgotten about with the progress of modernization. The figure and landscape are one, both reveling in the beauty of each other. 

The landscape here is of a place imbued with body, memory and life itself. 


“Landscape is not only an aesthetic category, but a site where individual and collective memories are inscribed: by destroying it, we may deprive ourselves

of our identities.” 

Rosario Assunto 's Philosophy of Landscape. 

1.ZoricaPurlija_Fade into you_web.jpg
2.deep in conversation.jpg
Zorica Purlija_3_Breath that's true_web.jpg
Zorica Purlija_1_Golden moments.jpg
Final print_hold on_3web.jpg
Zorica Purlija _2_Straight to your Heart.jpg
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