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Very pleased to be a finalist in The Lake Macquarie Art Prize 2022 with the theme ‘The Vessel: contained within and moving between’. My artwork Gushing is currently showing at Yapang Gallery from

Saturday, 24 September 2022 | 09:00 AM - Sunday, 11 December 2022 | 03:00 PM


Museum of Art and Culture (MAC), 1A First Street, Booragul 2284, Booragul 2284

Artist Statement

Falls 2022

The image is from my new series Falls 2022. It contemplates the uplifting state which some of nature's greatest places take us. Those magical places take us to where the burdens of the everyday is dissolved, at least for a short moment. I hope it compels people to choose to save our natural world with urgency.

Bodies of water have been a spiritual place for many cultures, here the waterfall serves as a restorative place where bodies move in and out amongst a secluded rainforest. The body as vessel is revived from everyday traumas through the process of moving through the cool waters of the native Australian rivers. It is shared and enjoyed by all.

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The Learning Space is proud to exhibit a new work by local artist Zorica Purlija.

From the Sun to the Moon and Back archives the discordant time of 2020, responding to the unprecedented social, environmental, and economic impacts of the COVID- 19 global pandemic. Photographing family, friends and strangers, artist Zorica Purlija explores the importance of relationships and care, with the resulting photographs capturing fractured moments of frivolity, homeschooling anxieties and fear as the pandemic continued to spread.

Showing from 6 June until 26 June 2022.

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Exhibiting online with @Headonphotofestivall this year and opening at Stanley Street Gallery this Thursday, meet ‘Solace’. A collaborative exhibition by Julie Sundberg and Zorica Purlija.

“In Solace they have both turned from the portrait to landscape, creating layered reactions to place as if in a secret conversation. Without knowledge of the other’s work they have used different techniques to show the “virtual space that opens up behind the surface”. Both artists have found solace in this process.”

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